I am ready to schedule my engagement session. What’s the next step?

Here are some tips for how to prepare for your engagement session:

Wear something comfortable! Make sure you are able to walk around easily in your shoes and that your clothes aren’t too tight or too short. We love doing fun posing where you and your honey are sitting down or walking together.

Wear something you feel beautiful in! If you are self conscious of your legs then wear pants that cover and flatter them. If you are self conscious of your arms, wear a top that covers and flatters. We don’t recommend short skirts/shorts or tank tops unless you’ve been working out like crazy and can’t wait to show off your muscles!

Coordinate your colors. Make sure you look good together and don’t have clashing tones or patterns. Also consider wearing clothes that will match your wedding day. That way you can easily use them for Save-the-Dates or to have on display at the wedding.

Avoid bringing more than one outfit change. When you bring a bunch of different outfits it takes time away from shooting.

Bring props! Props are a great way to show off some personality. Feel free to bring things relating to your life, hobbies, job, activities that you do together. You can also bring signs with your upcoming wedding date on it. Have fun with it! Our Pinterest and Blog are full of great ideas!

Bring your dog! Here is a link to a blog post of great tips and cute poses!

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