Extra Photo Edits Request

Yes! In your wedding contract we do standard editing to all the images. Images are adjusted for brightness, contrast, saturation, color temperature, clarity. If you have requests beyond that we can perform extra edits, to the best of our ability. We give 15 extra edits for free to each client. Photos that you are ordering a large fine art print or canvas, from us, will be edited for free, and do not count toward the 15 free extra edits offer. There isn’t a definitive list of what an extra edit is, because everyone has different requests, but here are the most common things clients use their “extra edits” for.

1 – removing large banners from church ceremony locations 2 – removing exit signs from reception locations 3 – reducing a double chin 4 – digital lipo for arms or neck 5 – digital lipo for the stomach areas 6 – removing random by standers from beach ceremony locations 7 – removing a pimple 8 – removing a tattoo 9 – removing or reducing stray hairs / fly-aways 10 – general reduction of facial wrinkles and skin blemishes.

If you want to take advantage of the free 15 “extra edits” please make a list that includes the original image number and a description of the edits that you would like made, as layed out in the following form.

The 15 free edits applies to wedding packages only. For pricing regarding extra edits for portrait sessions, please inquire for pricing by e-mailing us at info@lifelongstudios.com

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